Some Styles of Rustic Furniture

Rustic furniture is a genera like modern or antique. Most people associate it with twigs and logs constructed into something usable for the home. In the United States during the depression era, people would craft furniture out of whatever they could find and trade it for food, services, or just plain old cash. Willow was typically used in building these pieces because it was plentiful, durable, and easy to use, but again whatever was available, is what was used. So when you look at a piece of rustic furniture, you’ll know that the roots of this genera typically comes from eras where people have fallen on hard times and did what they had to do to survive.

Here’s an example of what a Western piece of rustic furniture would look like: (NOTE – this is just an example, we don’t carry this one!)

American Rustic Furniture










But… this isn’t the only only type of furniture built this way. Across many cultures around the world, they all have their unique style.

If you go to India or Pakistan, you may find their idea of the rustic look follows something like this:

Indian Rustic Furniture








The uniqueness across regions can be remarkable and astounding. The craft that goes into these pieces is usually very excellent because they are built out of a love for the craft and are constructed in a solid way. Tenon and mortice joints instead of nails, and thick wood that can and does last centuries. Some people choose one focal piece for the home, while others decorate the whole house.

Standouts in this realm of furniture making are typically Chinese. The reason why is because they often use a brilliant red color on the furniture that over time attains an amazing distressed look.

This is an example of Chinese piece:

Chinese Rustic Furniture







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